How to Increase your Income in 2018?

We’d all like to take home more money at the end of the month, but it isn’t always feasible to find where that extra bit of cash will come from. Don’t be worried however; there are many ways to increase your incomings if you just keep a lookout for new ideas.

Ask for a pay raise

This is the option that the vast majority of people can turn to. However the chances of this succeeding may be slimmer than the rest. If you consider your self to be underpaid you can go to your boss and ask for a rise. Be prepared for this though, make sure you have plenty of reasons ready for why you believe you should have your pay increased for instance if you are never absent, always meet deadlines are always willing to put in extra effort where some of your colleagues fall short. You do need to be aware of the risks too: make sure you’re fully clued up on the procedure of asking for a raise and do be warned that your relationship with your manager may be strained if they consider your demands to be unreasonable.

Ask for overtime

If you can’t get a pay rise put some extra hours in instead. Overtime hours tend to pay extra than your standard hours so you’ll see more money entering your bank account. Just be careful to clear any overtime you do with your boss, as they may not be too happy with having to pay extra for hours that they didn’t account for, or you may even find yourself not being paid as the hours have not been signed off.

Sell unwanted or unneeded items

Having a clear out and getting rid of what you don’t want or need anymore is also a good way of increasing your funds. There are plenty of auctions, both online and offline where you can sell your items and raise a bit more capital. Remember: what might be junk to you could be valuable to someone else, so why let it clutter your attic? Get rid and get some extra money as a result.

Get a second job

Sometimes needs must. If you’re struggling to make enough money from your primary job to meet your outgoings then a second job can help. By getting a second source of income you are heading in the right direction to ensure that your essential outgoings will be paid. Just be careful when arranging hours for your second job they don’t clash with your primary job.

Utilise your talents

If you’re a particularly creative person why not use that fact to gain some extra cash? If you have a talent for artwork or craftwork why not start selling your finished projects. Similarly if you have a love of dogs why not offer a dog walking service in your spare time? You get to do something you love and be paid for it, what more could you ask for!

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